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Industry focus


Leverage countless low-cost leads primed for conversion to increase sales and engagement. Simplify community management and grow by applying powerful word-of-mouth marketing to social media.
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Your social CRM.

Separate your audience into relevant segments for sales and growth, then implement strategic actions

Target engaged fans for customer acquisition and loyalty

Activate engaged micro-influencers to create word-of-mouth 

Engage and reward customers to create brand advocates

Depth over width.

Improve conversion with 1-to-1 messaging and promotions targeting primed low cost leads with custom audience data

Conquer competitors after negative customer experiences

Analyze and target industry community or influencer fans

Target buyers in certain regions based on their interests

The influencer tool.

Grow your social presence and develop authenticity by optimizing influencer marketing strategy and targeting

Discover engaged influencers who are aligned with your brand

Vet influencers by analyzing engagement and sentiment

Determine fan affinities with influencers and targeting factors

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Convert consumers who just buy to advocates who buy in. 

Trufan is a social intelligence platform helping brands activate grassroots communities made up of super fans and micro-influencers. Download our platform deck to learn more.
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