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Industry focus


Service customers where they want it. Build loyalty within your customer base. Convert negative competitor experiences into new business and social currency.
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Your social media front desk.

Manage social media audiences, growth and brand fans for countless profiles with one proprietary web platform

Discover and reward customers geotagging your locations

Sell exclusive offers or drive promos to your top audience

Analyze sentiment and keywords that drive engagement

Monitor, capitalize and grow.

Monitor competitor accounts for audience sentiment, negative experiences and performance metrics

Increase your market share by swaying customer loyalty

Drive low-cost leads to your site with personalized promos

Learn from high performing industry profiles or competitors

The influencer tool.

Eliminate the guessing work and use Trufan to help with influencer strategy, selection or validation

Discover aligned micro influencers who engage with you

Validate engagement rates by analyzing influencer accounts

Determine fan affinity with influencers or influential factors

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