Accelerate Influencer Marketing Efforts With a Documented Strategy

August 14, 2019
Scott Berty

Influencers who leverage a viral moment can find themselves catapulted to a new tier overnight. Shouldn’t your influencer marketing efforts be able to move as quickly?

In today’s fast-paced social media environment, your influencer marketing strategy will be left behind if it’s reactive, rather than data-driven. Using data is the only reliable way to ensure the strategy you’re formulating is authentic, long-term, and complementary to your brand’s goals.

This blog post will cover tactics you can use with data to plan and execute a documented influencer engagement strategy that helps you reach new audiences fast.

Brand Audience Data is Key to a Successful Influencer Search

It’s hard to log on to a social media platform like Instagram or Twitter and know immediately which influencers to target. Many brands and enterprises make the mistake of relying only on number of followers as a metric to ensure success. They forget about micro or nano influencers who have a much closer relationship with their audience.

Instead of making a wild guess, use data as the key factor in your influencer search. Gathering data on your audience will help you learn about the celebrities and influencer accounts that already follow or engage with you. It will also give you a closer look at what types of content these influences are consuming on a regular basis, and what topics resonate. It will also help you understand the audiences that are engaging with them

Trufan can help you or your team gather all these insights with one unified service. Easily segment your engaged and influential fans or take a deeper look at an influencer’s audience engagement and key engagement drivers. These insights will allow you to quickly determine which influencers are the best match for your company’s marketing and sales objectives.

They may also disprove the alignment and real engagement for certain influencers you’ve partnered with or plan to partner with in the future. Having an influencer vetting process is a critical step in your influencer marketing efforts. It’s part of making data-driven decisions. Don’t just let anyone tell you who’s right or wrong for your campaign.

Vetting Brand Influencers for Authenticity

Once you have a deeper understanding of your target market’s social media behavior, our audience data will assist you with the vetting process. Making decisions driven by data will help you determine whether potential influencers match your objectives, and who has the highest likelihood of reaching your target audience. Just because they’re popular and have a large reach doesn’t always mean they’re influential.

Don’t waste your valuable marketing dollars on influencer management that goes nowhere. Vetting influencers through data-driven strategy is the only way to ensure a positive ROI. It also helps reduce your total marketing costs. Data can also provide your team with actionable social user information that will help compliment any influencer activation.

Our insights and proprietary technology can give you a deeper understanding of almost every influencer on Instagram or Twitter. Then you can decide how you want to leverage them and their engaged community.

Provide Opportunities for New Offers

Having a documented, data-driven influencer market strategy means that you’ll be able to move quickly and leverage every opportunity. You’ll be able to tailor content, paid ads, and even e-commerce products to your top fans. According to Hootsuite’s 2019 Social Media Trends, customers are demanding more 1:1 experiences. 69% of respondents from a survey said that direct communication with a company helps them feel more confident about the brand.

The potential for lead generation and customer acquisition is limited only by your imagination. With the data at your fingertips, you’ll have all the information you need to create personalized communications exactly for your target audience.

With our comprehensive platform, it’s easy to plan and customize an influencer marketing campaign that can keep up with the rapid pace of social media.

Whether you focus your efforts on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, you can reach influencers at any level, and implement an outreach method driven by the most relevant fan data. Contact us today to take your influencer game to the next level by customizing a strategy that works for your business.

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