How to Boost Your Blogger Outreach Using Audience Data

July 16, 2020
Swish Goswami

Basing your social media marketing plan on social media intelligence is the key to a successful campaign. If blogger outreach is a key aspect of your strategy, audience data is the only way that you can understand which blogger will be a good match for your brand, and pitch a collaboration with them that will get accepted.

Blogger outreach has never been more important. 49% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations when purchasing a new service or product. But, promotional content and partnerships with bloggers are meaningless unless they’re seen by the right audience.

Using Trufan, you can collect and analyze data across multiple social channels. This gives you a better understanding of the bloggers or influencers who have authority within your chosen audience.

Here are some key insights of how you can use audience data to plan and strategize for successful, long-term blogger outreach.

Start With Strategy When Planning a Blogger Outreach Campaign

Many people avoid blogger outreach because it can be time-consuming. Simple searching can’t tell you which bloggers would make great long-term partners. Bloggers generally won’t come to you, either. In the past, many brands have conducted haphazard blogger outreach using a random assortment of tools, or have relied on external influencer marketing companies. In the end, they may succeed, but casting a wide net wastes tons of valuable time and money.

The insights from Trufan allow you to weed out bloggers who don’t have the exact audience you’re looking for. You can tailor your strategy using Trufan’s granular audience data from social media, then build a list of the best bloggers in your space to target.

Use Audience Data to Speak to Mutual Interests

Even if you’re targeting micro or nano-influencers, they likely receive pitches on a regular basis. Bloggers can tell when you’re approaching them with a generic pitch and won’t be shy about refusing pitches that don’t fit with their values.

When you approach a blogger for the first time, you need to be able to speak to your mutual interests. After the initial approach, you should be able to show that their audience can benefit from your brand or product. You can then propose a collaboration or guest post that would not only appeal to them, but interest their audience as well.

How do you know what interests their audience? Paging through their blog can help, but using data insights like a keyword and hashtag analysis can generate a clear picture of topics that drive the most engagement for their audience, and who the audience really is.

Using this information, you can craft a pitch that shows the value they can gain from collaborating with your brand. You also demonstrate how well you know their audience, clearly having done your homework. Heck, provide them with some of the data to start a relationship!

Execute a Targeted Blogger Outreach Campaign

On average, influencer marketing campaigns see an ROI of $6.50 for every $1 spent, and blogs are one of the influencer’s most useful platforms. They can be even more useful if you have the relevant data to craft meaningful, targeted content. Engaging a receptive audience via blogger outreach is easier than ever when you use the audience insight data that Trufan can provide. Pass these insights and assets on to bloggers, who can use this knowledge to do what they do best- craft posts that target your chosen audience.

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