The 3 Best Things About the SocialRank Free Plan

August 22, 2020
Jacob Kelly

We recently announced that we were adding a Free Plan to SocialRank enabling SMBs to come on to the platform and get familiar with some of its features at no cost. 

“We are deeply passionate about helping SMBs during these difficult times” said Trufan CEO, Swish Goswami. “In addition to offering a free plan, we have also partnered with Digital Main Street and Shopify for the ShopHERE Initiative that will aid 50,000 SMBs in Canada in their efforts to come online.”

For those new to Trufan we wanted to share with you three of the best reasons why you should sign up for the Free Plan. 

Due to high demand for free access, those wishing to gain access will need to join a waiting list.

#1 - Twitter Cerebro

Our CEO Swish Goswami was asked a hypothetical question, “if you had to strip away all of SocialRank’s features and leave only one which would it be?”

Without hesitation he answered with Cerebro.

Cerebro is a feature that allows you to sort through over 1 billion profiles on Twitter to find the perfect creators for you and your brand to partner with. On the Free Plan you can filter accounts based on a user’s locations and interests as well as a few other select filters.

For example, say you’re a racquetball equipment company in Toronto. You can filter down to Twitter users in Toronto that are interested in racquetball. You now have a list of people in your area who are interested in the product you are selling.

#2 - 5 Preset Reports

On a paid version of SocialRank you have the ability to run a report on specific accounts and filter through the audience for specific users.

With the Free Plan, we will provide you with 5 Preset Twitter Reports enabling you to filter through the audience of five highly influential Twitter users to see who follows them.

These reports will also give you a sense of what the rest of our reports look like and the type of information and data you can access through one of our paid plans for your own fans and followers.

#3 - It’s Free!

The best part about our free plan is that it is FREE! You can join our waitlist today and then once you gain access to the platform your price will stay at $0.00 a month unless you decide to change it! 

Our goal at Trufan is to democratize social data so high value marketing analytics aren’t only accessible to big companies but to SMBs as well.

Our Free Plan might not have all the features of our paid plans but you can accomplish a lot through Twitter Cerebro and you can access the platform before making the decision to commit to a paid plan. We’re confident after spending time on our Free Plan and seeing SocialRank’s potential you’ll want to upgrade.

Join the Waitlist

If you want to join the Wait List for our Free Play and gain access to powerful marketing data, click here.