Trufan Announces Exclusive Waiting List for Free Plan

July 23, 2020

TORONTO - Trufan announced on Thursday that it would be offering a free plan to its platform, enabling people to leverage SocialRank and gain access to industry leading data for free.

Trufan has been experiencing growth on all fronts in 2020, growing 8-10% MoM this year. The Toronto based tech company has added 600 paying customers in the last 90 days. The decision to launch a free plan came after the company gave 45 day free access to over 2,200 small and medium sized businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. After trialing a lifetime free plan last month and signing up over 850 free users in 5 days, Trufan has decided to relaunch the free plan indefinitely. Due to high demand for free access, those wishing to gain access will need to join a waiting list.

“We are deeply passionate about helping SMBs during these difficult times” said Trufan CEO, Swish Goswami. “In addition to offering a free plan, we have also partnered with Digital Main Street and Shopify for the ShopHERE Initiative that will aid 50,000 SMBs in Canada in their efforts to come online.”   

The free plan will include multiple features and allow businesses to come on to the platform and get five Market Intelligence Reports as well as Cerebro access for Twitter. The Market Intelligence Reports will be pre-run audience reports of five different accounts on Twitter allowing you to filter through millions of profiles. Cerebro will allow businesses to filter through over 1 billion social profiles on Twitter to find accounts to partner with for influencer marketing campaigns, identify potential new customers and more. The waiting list for the free access is live now and businesses can join here.

The company of 20 is very excited to close out the year strong and is looking for additional partnership opportunities with other Canadian tech companies to further assist SMBs during this time.