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We Make Your Marketing Campaign Smarter. 

Using Trufan data, clients have run campaigns with micro-influencers in their network and built a direct relationship with their audience. Build community, increase advocacy and lower your cost per acquisition.

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Learn how analyzing social audiences with Trufan helps streamline growth, influencer marketing and digital strategy


Social Audience Discovery

Analyze any social profile to create a database of top fans, easily segmented by engagement or influence. Use this social intelligence for data-driven decision making and to accelerate marketing, sales or community objectives.
Discover and activate or reward hidden brand advocates
Simplify influencer marketing by enhancing alignment and ROI
Drive revenue through personalized engagement or offers
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Competitor Conquest Mode

Monitor your competitors with weekly or monthly updates on customers who’ve shared negative experiences or comments. Capitalize on this opportunity to sway customer loyalty with a timely response and unique promotion or offer.
Drive an increase in market share through reactiveness
Attribute community management to bottom-line revenue
Find endless leads primed for conversion and loyalty
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Whether you’re analyzing your own audience, a competitor’s or even an influencer’s, we help you determine where the key segments are located. Geolocation includes a global heat map and granular data for specific fans.
Know where most of your engagement is coming from
Group regional or hyper-local segments for activations
Filter fans by location to tailor marketing or targeting
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Sentiment Analysis

Analyze every interaction with your social media content through Trufan’s upgraded sentiment analysis engine. We not only contextualize every word in comments or replies, we monitor emojis too 😛
Manage negative and positive customer experiences
Research competitor or influencer engagement trends
Monitor social sales suppression and public relations
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Instagram Exclusive Features

Deepen your understanding of engagement by analyzing the most frequently cited themes, keywords, and hashtags in any IG comment section. Compare multiple audiences to create segments that follow or engage 2 or more profiles.
Learn what messaging resonates and drives engagement
Understand and market to hyper-specific segments of fans
Validate an influencer’s engagement and ROI
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Exclusive Twitter Features

Multiply the value of your Twitter strategy with actionable platform data that can also be exported to improve media buying. Scale personalized direct messages to your key fans and use custom audience data to tailor targeting on Twitter Ads.
Send individual DMs to 50+ fans in seconds with 1 click
Group fans or reach the new custom audiences you desire
Enhance targeting to increase conversion and lower CPC
Improve Your Twitter Targeting

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