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Connecting Brands and Audiences

Trufan's platform provides marketers with an end-to-end ability to identify, filter and generate their best audiences to drive growth. Marketers can generate high-value mailing lists to market to and drive CTAs such as e-commerce, registration, app downloads, video views and more.



Plan, execute and optimize campaigns to generate first party data with promotions and giveaways.

Grow your marketing with our PLAYR platform – one of the most trusted and easy to use platforms for promotion and giveaways. Set up your own giveaways or engage genuine followers with fully managed, high performing custom campaigns – designed to help you build data and community.

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Run Giveaways

Create giveaways with endless customization options. With access to custom integrations, tailored reporting and viral promotions.


Incentivize Data

Build a mailing list for remarketing, incentivize users with bonus entries for having them perform actions.


Grow Your Following

Grow your social media following on whatever platform you choose, however you like.


Find the groups and individuals you’re after, with intelligent filters.

Make sense of follower data, discover trends in your audience and even the audiences of others. Filter profiles to match the criteria you’re after. Looking for a high value audience of girl gamers who also follow beauty brands and K-pop? No problem we can help you find that. Not sure where to start? We have 2 billion profiles in our database for you to sort through. 

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Build Valuable Audiences

Zero in on the exact profiles that move the needle for you, and find others just like them.


Analyze Audience Segments and Discover New Ones

Discover untapped audiences through filtering and sorting – broad and niche to help you grow your marketing.


Discover Audience Trends and Insights

Real time data helps you uncover insights and overlaps with your own audience, industries, competitors and more.


Action your insights.

Drive custom activations like newsletter subscriptions, social engagements, e-commerce purchases and more. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ability to activate the audience you’ve found. Run customized, scalable, ROI conscious campaigns to specific audiences while progressively profiling.

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Own Your Audience Data

See your audience data in your dashboard, custom lists you create or easily export an audience to use elsewhere to a CSV file.


Influencer Marketing

Drive growth at every stage of your customer journey by identifying and leveraging relevant influencers and creators.


Reward winners

Digital prizes, gift cards, physical prizes and more. All scalable to fit budget and ROI.

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