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Ehmer Asim

November 10, 2021

Trufan and Perkville are proud to announce a partnership to offer clients the ability to grow their Instagram account. By utilizing PLAYR (product of Trufan) our first party data acquisition solution, users can run giveaways to drive significant traffic to their Instagram account increasing engagement while also building rich data profiles of their audience.

“Instagram is a key marketing channel for our clients and many of them want to incentivize Instagram engagement. We’re excited to deliver on this need through our partnership with Trufan, a leader in social media and data analytics. The integration between Perkville and Trufan helps our clients amplify their social media and acquire more customers at a lower cost.” said Sunil Saha (CEO of Perkville).

In a time where growth strategies on Instagram are very hard to execute, Trufan is excited to offer a solution to increase omni-channel customer engagement.

“In the past few years, many of our customers have asked what’s the best way to grow their community on Instagram. We haven’t had a solution that addresses this need so directly until now. With our Perkville integration, businesses will be able to drive traffic to their Instagram and grow their community through a value exchange” said Swish Goswami (CEO of Trufan).

What does this partnership offer?

Our Perkville customers interested in our basic plan will have the ability to run giveaways

Most importantly users (giveaway hosts) will be able to validate their newly acquired Instagram following through our new Instagram entry method. Additionally other entry methods, including Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, Typerform entry, Link visitation, are also available to use!

In some cases you may feel that you require a larger need focused on adding more than an IG entry method (and including additional entry methods mentioned above) as well as possibly having access to some of Trufan’s additional offerings, contact marko@trufan.io for more information.

How does this work?

Here's exactly how it works:

  1. Once logged into PLAYR head over to the navigation bar (top of the page) and click on the Dashboard page

  1. When the main dashboard is accessed you will see a button prompting (Create a Giveaway) allowing you the ability to start crafting your giveaway details.

  1. As shown in the screenshots below, the template is laid out simply for you to input your giveaway details - rules, prize value, description, IG entry method, entries earned per entry method, etc. And once ready all you need to do is simply save your giveaway and hit publish within your dashboard for the giveaway to be active!

Note: Remember to turn on your IG entry method toggle to enable the validation of your following once the giveaway ends (follow screenshots below)

  1. Once your giveaway has ended allow 24 hours for our platform to validate your IG following and then draw a winner within your giveaway dashboard.

  1. The winner will then receive via email a claim form to fill out additional details to provide the host information (that will be found in your active giveaway within the dashboard) to fulfill the prize. 

Our PLAYR platform end to end is a seamless experience but should you have any questions our wonderful customer success team is here to help through each step of the process providing an onboarding demo if needed!

Wow! How much do I have to pay?

Not to worry we’re not going to empty out your pockets! 

For our customers interested in our basic plan we have two amazing pricing options offered at $50 USD Monthly or $500 USD Yearly (both options come with the same entitlements).

And enterprise pricing will vary depending upon exact customer needs. 

What are some of Trufan’s additional enterprise offerings?

Adding multiple locations/IG accounts is only one of the many things Trufan can offer! 

Access to our Trufan dashboard is an upgrade that allows users to segment the first party data generated from your Instagram account Our variety of filtering and sorting tools will allow you to segment followers within your audience to break down and understand your core community. While also being able to tap into other social audiences through comparison and contrasting features.

Again if you’re interested in learning more about the above additional offerings, contact marko@trufan.io.

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