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What is Trufan?

Trufan is an audience management platform that helps brands and influencers grow their social community, distribute viral content and sell directly to their top fans. Users can identify, activate, reward and retarget their engaged, influential and trending followers. Build rapport through scalable 1 to 1 interactions and increase visibility where it matters with powerful custom audience or competitor data.

Discover your most engaged followers

Using Trufan’s state-of-the-art fan identifying algorithms, we can tell who your top fans are on Twitter.

Filter and learn about your top followers

Review interactions and filter fan discovery using interests, keywords, location and more.

Engage and reward specific follower segments at scale.

Utilize our seamless messaging feature to convert your fans into customers!
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Increase your brand equity and fan loyalty.
Once you start using Trufan, your fans will take notice, incentivizing many of them to engage more heavily with you on social media to get onto your top fans list.
Sell directly to your top fans.
Whether you’re planning an event or promoting a product line, utilize our one-click commerce capability to easily move product. Use promo codes to track the success of any promotion, giveaway or campaign.



Influencers/celebrities can reward their top fans. 
Brands can sell directly to their top customers. 
Political parties/charities can host local meetups.
Marketing departments can use Trufan data for retargeting campaigns. 
Managers can make strategic decisions (touring, hiring).



“From a brand perspective I am very excited about the potential that Trufan offers. It will enable brands to
leverage the highly valuable intersection between influencers and their fans in a unique way… to understand consumers better, gain product insights, product offers, and of course marketing/ engaging directly with fans.”
Karen O’Brien, Vice President, Global Social Media, Western Union
“As a manager of talent in sports and entertainment we are always trying to find a better way to engage with the
fans! What Swish and his team have done with Trufan is beyond impressive. Rare that I’m ever been impressed with people in general let alone someone at his age! Proud to know and call him a friend.”
Brian Amlani, CEO of BAA Management
“One of my fundamental philosophies when it comes to managing an online presence in 2018 is audience
interaction and engagement. Trufan will allow me to amplify this communication in a meaningful way — by connecting me with my true, loyal fans, and showing me who matters most.”
Sam Sheffer, YouTube Influencer