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Our Mission

Empowering Audiences Through Data Intelligence.

We believe in the power of first party data and the importance of democratizing it for our users. Using Trufan, marketers can take back control of their data and use it to empower themselves and their business. Allowing for more more accurate Generation, Segmentation and Activation of the most valuable audiences.

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The Perfect Storm

Privacy is the biggest disruption to digital marketing since its inception. Big tech is killing 3rd party cookies and privacy regulation has crippled 3rd party data markets. Social platforms are under increasing scrutiny and use of ad blockers are rising, killing advertisers reach.

While consumers are fighting for their right to privacy, brands and creators are fighting for ownership over their audiences. Now more than ever is the time for compliant first party data.

Our Solution:

Own Your Audience, Generate Insights, Segment Data and Activate Your Following.

Make smarter marketing decisions using social data. Our platform is the world’s leading audience intelligence platform. Helping brands find their most valuable followers, compare audiences, find and engage micro-influencers in the world's largest social database.

We empower users to harness their audiences to drive actionable promotions and campaigns, giving clients the ability to rapidly grow using ethically earned, high-qualiy data.


Knowing how we collect & use data is key to consumer trust.


Consumers are able to share data with brands in exchange for meaningful value.


Consumers should have a choice regarding how & when their data is used and shared.

Meet our Executives

Swish Goswami

CEO, Co-Founder

Aanikh Kler

COO, Co-Founder

Trevor Eastman

Chief Financial Officer

Karen O'Brien

Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew Mastracci

Chief Technology Officer

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Meet Our Key Investors

Michele Romanow

Roham Gharegozlou

Jason Robins

Moneta Ventures

Round 13 Capital

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