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About Us

Trufan is a Canadian tech startup comprised of entrepreneurs and experienced professionals that are committed to helping brands and influencers forge ties with their top fans. After assembling the founding team, working remotely and securing funding up til now, of more than $1M CAD, we began growing from Hootsuite’s Vancouver office before deciding to base our headquarters out of Toronto. Our award-winning co-founders will continue to shed some light on what the life of an entrepreneur really looks like, from sacrifice to the fun. Learn a bit more about our executives below and visit our careers page if you’re interested in joining our family.


Swish Goswami

CEO, Founder

Aanikh Kler

COO, Co-Founder

Scott Berty

Chief Growth Officer

Trevor Eastman

Chief Financial Officer

Cameron Russelle

Business Development Manager

Jay Hong

Customer Success Manager

Rahul Arora

Sales Intern

Rahim Mitia

Sales Intern


Ravi Krishnan

Sam Sheffer

Ryan Holmes

Michael Hyatt

Tim Hyde

Mark Zablow

Buster Scher

Diana Day

Chuck Figueroa

Anthony Ford

Randy Osei

Jeff Rubin

Deepak Anand


Round13 Capital

New Avenue Capital

Eastman Ventures

Eagle Rock Wealth Management

Mandy Gilbert

Karen O’Brien

Andrew D’Souza

Michele Romanow

Brian Poe

Kyle Kuzma

Davon Reed

Christina Hirukawa

Jason Robbins

Manny Padda

Dipen Nayak

Jake Ratner

James Williams

Stephen Sargeant

Joseph Roos

Mark Bower

Karan Amin

Dieter Zimmerman

Sam Tallerico

Hanif Sachedina

Rachel David